Do you have a specific design in mind that will require its own custom-made approach?
We respond to all requests and bring to each project our many skills, to fulfill all your wishes and dreams, always with professionalism and know-how. The only limits are defined by your own imagination!

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Drawer system

The LEGRABOX drawer system is as elegant as it is functional. With its straight lines and look of refinement, combined with exceptionally smooth running action and a high load capacity, it is a perfect choice for custom made furniture.

All of the drawers in this design are concealed behind cabinet doors. This creates a completely homogeneous look on the outside, while allowing easy access to the kitchen items inside.

Custom made accessories

With the LEGRABOX AMBIA-LINE collection, efficiency is not limited to the system’s innovative mechanism and components. It also describes the inside of the drawers, thanks to a wide range of ergonomic accessories that not only offer maximum functionality, but are also beautifully designed.

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