Building on its excellent reputation, Cuisines Beauregard has been advising customers and accompanying them in their kitchen and bathroom design projects for more than thirty years.


Façade de Cuisines Beauregard, bureau de Granby, Qc

In the beginning, Cuisines Beauregard was the story of a family who put its expertise, dynamism and professionalism to work for the benefit of its customers.

After more than 30 years, Cuisines Beauregard remains a leader in the design, sale, manufacture and installation of kitchen cabinets and bathrooms.

Today the company offers its customers a broad line of products made of materials ranging from wood, thermoplastic and MDF to melamine, melamine polyester and acrylic. These products include a beautiful variety of custom-made kitchen, bathroom and storage cabinet models in a wide assortment of colours and customized finishes – much to the delight of our customers, who discover a whole new world of possibilities at Cuisines Beauregard.

1990-2000 - Five brothers with a vision

Despite the country’s unfavourable economic conditions at the time, the five Beauregard brothers set themselves a major challenge, namely, to start a business and see it prosper by providing high-quality service that was truly adapted to meet the needs of each client. 

Five years later, Cuisines Beauregard was the winner of the Granby Chamber of Commerce’s “Mérite-Action” Achievement Award in the category of “SME Manufacturing Company.” This recognition was a clear acknowledgement of its success as a growing family business that was ahead of its time.

2000-2010 - The company reorganizes

The decade 2000-2010 represents a significant period for Cuisines Beauregard. The company carried out a major reorganization with the goal of increasing production while also enhancing the quality of its products and customer service. In addition, the management of the business was entirely reviewed to ensure that the company could continue to remain a step ahead of its competitors.

This was also a decade when Cuisines Beauregard received a number of honours and recognitions. These included a major “Distinction Award” given by the Chamber of Commerce of Haute-Yamaska as validation of the company’s leadership position in the field of kitchen cabinets and bathrooms. Cuisines Beauregard also received the recommendation of CAA Residential in recognition of its outstanding service.

During this same decade, Cuisines Beauregard, which has had its head office and plant in Granby from the company’s earliest days, took advantage of an opportunity to conquer new markets by opening a branch in Boucherville.

2010-2020 - The beginning of a new era

This decade also ushered in some major changes. After 20 years of hard work and great successes, the Beauregard brothers decided to pass the torch to Jocelyne Giguère and Sylvain Brunelle. 

The main objective of the two partners was aligned with the mission advocated by Cuisines Beauregard’s founders, namely, to offer quality, customized service while anticipating the needs and wishes of their clients. 

The website was completely revamped in order to strengthen the company’s place in the digital world. A large number of projects were initiated, allowing consumers to take inspiration from the creativity and know-how of the Beauregard team. In addition, various technological tools were deployed to optimize the customer experience.

Also, the new owners took their societal responsibilities seriously. They showed their support for the community by deciding to get involved with the region’s young people through sports and educational organizations.

During this decade, significant work was carried out in order to address sustained growth. Specifically, the plant almost doubled its surface, and the front of the head office was given an attractive makeover.

Committed to operating in a fully environmentally responsible manner, Cuisines Beauregard joined ECORESPONSIBLETM in 2018, a program developed and managed by the Council for Sustainable Industries. This program is based on a comprehensive and integrated approach that takes into account recognized principles and best practices in sustainable development (click here to consult an article in French on this topic in La Voix de lEst).

Certification is very broad in scope and encompasses the environment, the economy and society at large. Participation in the certification process attests to the company’s determination to promote responsible conduct of its day-to-day activities through environmental stewardship and collective efforts aimed at improving quality of life.

In April 2019, Cuisines Beauregard was very proud to obtain LEVEL 1 ECORESPONSIBLE™ Commitment Certification (click here for more details). This represented a first milestone, and the company is rigorously pursuing its overall sustainable development goals.

Agrandissement de l'usine de Granby Cuisines Beauregard

The 2020s - A decade of great challenges

The year 2020 marked the company’s 30th year in business! This anniversary was an opportunity for us to proudly take stock of just how far we have come in recent decades.

From the beginning, the company has always endeavoured to surpass itself for the sake of its loyal customers and dedicated employees. ECORESPONSIBLE™ Certification is one of the projects of key concern to us.

The sustainable development process that began in 2018 is ongoing, and, in late 2021, the Beauregard team proudly obtained LEVEL 2 ECORESPONSIBLEPerformance Certification (click here for more details). This attests to Cuisines Beauregard’s determination to adopt responsible behaviours in its day-to-day activities through collective efforts aimed at improving quality of life and environmental stewardship.

In addition, we have set our sights on improving our 4.0 plant and also on ensuring sustainable development. To this end, we are planning significant investments to enhance our manufacturing processes and the quality of work life for our employees.

Moreover, Cuisines Beauregard recognizes the importance of showcasing the work of Quebec companies and proudly displays the Signée Québec – Kitchen – Bathroom Seal, a symbol launched by the AFDICQ (Association of Manufacturers and Retailers of the Quebec Kitchen Industry (AFDICQ) to:

  • Promote the know-how of Quebec’s local cabinet manufacturers;
  • Communicate the dynamism, professionalism and quality of products made in Quebec.