A personal space entirely dedicated to well-being, relaxation and taking care of yourself, your bathroom should be a perfect reflection of you.
Whether you want to create a Zen-like atmosphere, or prefer something more vibrant with flowers and colours, we have the designs and ideas that will make you wish you had more time in your day to spend in this room!

Chic and urban

Both chic and urban in style, this design will delight anyone who loves a minimalist, pure decor. The free-standing vanity cabinet is made of dark brown melamine that replicates the look of real wood. Melamine has evolved considerably over the past few years. In addition to being cost-effective and wear-resistant, it is now also available in an impressive range of colours and finishes.

Laminate countertop

Laminate was selected for the vanity cabinet’s countertop. With its pure and simple lines, which are the hallmarks of urban styling, this cabinet is a perfect embodiment of the room’s modern character. Several cupboards, drawers and hutches combine to offer a wide array of amenities.

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