A personal space entirely dedicated to well-being, relaxation and taking care of yourself, your bathroom should be a perfect reflection of you.
Whether you want to create a Zen-like atmosphere, or prefer something more vibrant with flowers and colours, we have the designs and ideas that will make you wish you had more time in your day to spend in this room!

Bathroom vanity

This functional bathroom vanity has all the amenities you could ever dream of! It features many storage compartments of varying sizes and a large, convenient countertop. A well-equipped dressing table completes the look of the bathroom.

Chocolate brown wood cabinets

These classic-style wood cabinets are stained a rich chocolate brown. Two large ceiling-high cabinets have been added to maximize storage space. The wall-mounted hutches above the bathtub provide a convenient area for storing bath accessories within easy reach. Two large, useful mirrors are built into the furniture, including one above the dressing table. Recessed lights integrated into the cabinets provide plenty of lighting. A granite countertop elegantly completes the classic look.

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