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A first milestone has now been reached, and we are rigourously pursuing our overall sustainable development goals. The next phase is already under way and will lead to Level 2 ECORESPONSIBLE™ Performance Certification.

Cuisines Beauregard adopts ECORESPONSIBLE practices

01 May 2019 |News Cuisines Beauregard

Committed to operating responsibly on all fronts, Cuisines Beauregard joined the ECORESPONSIBLE™ Program in the fall of 2018 in order to obtain ECORESPONSIBLE Certification. This program was developed and is managed by the Council for Sustainable Industries (CSI) and is based on a global, integrated approach that reflects the principles of sustainable development and best practices in this field.

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Certification is very broad in scope, encompassing the environment, the economy and society at large. From the outset of the process, Cuisines Beauregard had to engage in a serious reflection and identify the main issues it wanted to address.

Participation in the certification process attests to the company’s determination to promote responsible conduct of its day-to-day activities through environmental stewardship and collective efforts aimed at improving quality of life.

The ECORESPONSIBLE™ Program includes four levels:

  1. Commitment
  2. Performance
  3. Optimum
  4. Elite


ECO-RESPONSIBLE Certification: A first milestone

In April 2019, Cuisines Beauregard was very proud to obtain Level 1 ECORESPONSIBLE Commitment Certification. This is a pivotal stage in preparing an organization for change and offered opportunities to engage in some deep soul-searching within the company; it was also a chance to raise awareness with the various stakeholders, establish a strategic diagnosis and develop a concrete, environmentally responsible plan based on the main objectives we had defined.

A first milestone has now been reached, and we are rigourously pursuing our overall sustainable development goals. 

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A reponsible and cost-effective approach

The Council for Sustainable Industries designed the ECORESPONSIBLE™ Certification Program in response to the needs of organizations wishing to phase in ECORESPONSIBLE practices over a period ot time. These practices will enable companies to improve their overall environmental, economic and social performance as well as their governance.

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