Do you have a specific design in mind that will require its own custom-made approach?
We respond to all requests and bring to each project our many skills, to fulfill all your wishes and dreams, always with professionalism and know-how. The only limits are defined by your own imagination!

Transitional laundry room

There’s no better way to lighten your laundry chores than to have a well-organized and efficient space for this purpose. Here is a transitional design laundry room that has everything you need to make this task as pleasant as possible.

These shaker style cabinets are made of white thermoplastic. The room’s storage capacity has been optimized through the use of built-in overhead cabinets.

Quartz countertop

The laundry area features a sink and a space where clothes can be easily folded. This small detail makes a real difference that you will appreciate on a daily basis. The countertop for this part of the furniture is made of quartz.

Utilitarian accessories

Accessories play an important role in the layout of a bathroom, kitchen or any other built-in furniture. These elements not only make it possible to customize a room, but they also help to make it highly functional. The kitchen designers at Cuisines Beauregard can suggest efficient accessories that will make your daily life easier.

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