Do you have a specific design in mind that will require its own custom-made approach?
We respond to all requests and bring to each project our many skills, to fulfill all your wishes and dreams, always with professionalism and know-how. The only limits are defined by your own imagination!

A laundry room, office and sewing room … all in one!

This bright, sunny room has a very important feature:  it is multi-purpose! It serves as a laundry room, a sewing room, and even an office. To meet the requirements of each task, the room had to be designed in such a way as to incorporate purpose-specific furniture.

Polyester melamine cabinets

Each distinct area has been designed to meet the precise needs of the tasks to be accomplished (generous storage space, adapted work surface, appropriate lighting, etc.). The room features cabinets and drawers made of polyester melamine, and laminate work surfaces.

Highly versatile custom-made furniture

In conclusion, this is a room designed for many purposes, with custom-made, transitional-style pieces that meet the requirements of the individual task at hand … fully customized to enhance functionality!

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