Do you have a specific design in mind that will require its own custom-made approach?
We respond to all requests and bring to each project our many skills, to fulfill all your wishes and dreams, always with professionalism and know-how. The only limits are defined by your own imagination!

Cabinets that sparkle

There’s nothing better than a high gloss finish to add a touch of sparkle to your decor. The custom built cabinet in this contemporary laundry room, made of brown melamine with the look of real wood grain, does just that!

The versatility of melamine

It can’t be denied … melamine has come a long way over the years! Gone are the days when this product was synonymous with questionable quality and limited variety. Today, melamine is available in a wide array of colours, textures and finishes, each more beautiful that the other. In fact, melamine patterns that replicate the look of real wood are now truly impressive.

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