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Laundry room in glossy melamine and laminate

The designers selected a combination of melamine and laminate for this contemporary style design. The cabinets feature glossy melamine front panels that replicate the look of real wood, and the solid white countertops are made of laminate.

Built-in cabinets

A laundry room has to be functional and well suited to the tasks for which it was principally designed. Convenience was the driving factor behind the design of each of the three built-in cabinets in this laundry room. A series of high cabinets has been installed in the space above the washer and dryer. The room features additional cabinets in two different formats, a hutch and a practical rod for hanging clothes. The other side of the room has a long cabinet incorporating a sink, offering plenty of storage space and a useful work surface. Finally, a tall, floor-to-ceiling linen closet completes this functional trio of cabinets.

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