« In a business like ours, we need to surround ourselves with people with complementary personalities, who share the same commitment to customer service, and who also have the expertise and know-how of professionals. »

A team of experts at your service

For Cuisines Beauregard, having a strong team of specialists who are passionate about their work is a point of honour. We are very proud of the fact that we are more than just a business … Throughout our years of operation, we’ve managed to maintain our company’s warm, family-like atmosphere and culture, which we’ve extended to our customers through thoughtful, high quality service.

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Why do business with a kitchen specialist?

When you decide you need to make a change in your current kitchen space, a number of parameters come into play, including the look you want to create and the quality of the new furnishings. Our kitchen experts are at your service, ready to guide you and provide you with useful advice to help ensure the success of your project.

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Cuisines Beauregard: the added value we offer

For more than thirty years, Cuisines Beauregard has been committed to maintaining close relationships with its customers and employees. When you choose Cuisines Beauregard, you will be assured of flawless service and will benefit from our experts’ help and guidance every step of the way, from purchase all the way through to installation, providing you with the peace of mind you need.

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Lynda Paris


Lynda has been working in customer service for more than twenty years. Over this time, she has developed a number of skills that shine through in the personalized and efficient service she offers to each and every customer.


Lynda is unfailingly professional in every task she undertakes. The conscientious manner in which she approaches each of her responsibilities ensures that the customer service she provides is of the highest quality.


“I love doing that little something extra that helps to set us apart from everyone else!”

Exceptional customer service!

Thanks to her years of experience and the passion that drives her, Lynda can deal with any situation that presents itself, in a calm and professional manner.

Lynda truly loves helping people, and she makes it her mission to do so as efficiently as possible!